Dear Full Collective Community,

This time of year brings up a lot of feelings - joy, sadness, celebration, disappointments, laughter, and so much more. We wanted to emphasize on the first thing we mentioned though - J O Y ! 

The beautiful thing about joy is that it's a choice. It is not circumstantial - meaning it doesn't have to change based on what's happening or not happening around us. Our prayer for you is that you end 2018 holding tight to this truth and walking into 2019 boldly living out the joyous life God wants for you in abundance and purpose.

This year brought us a lot of feelings and challenges but oh the J O Y - it brought us so much of that. Jesus brought us so much of that. Will you join us in celebrating with joy all God did this year through and at Full Collective?

Here’s a little 2018 Re-Cap of what Jesus did:

  • April 2018 - Full Collective began as a bi-weekly Bible Study of 12 women and it was called FULL.

  • May 2018 Announcement of the First Full Retreat in Pennsylvania for September 2018 and it sold out in 36 hours!

  • June 2018 Announcement for our very first gathering called ‘Pray + Pose’ Brunch, which sold out in 6 hours!

  • June 2018 - launched our blog and free resources

  • July 2018 Announcement of the very first WanderFULL International Retreat to the Dominican Republic (taking place in January 2019) and it sold out in 2 days!

  • July and August Sold Out ‘Pray + Pose’ Brunches.

  • August 2018 - Had our very first giveaway for the She is Free Conference where 2 friends got to go for free!

  • September 2018 - Began the Sun + Selah yoga gatherings.

  • October 2018 - Walked for Freedom alongside A21 with some FULL Gals in Downtown NYC in October 2018

  • October 2018 Announcement of the 2nd WanderFULL International Retreat to Morocco ( in May 20189) and it sold out in less than a week!

  • November 2018 is when we had out very fist Holiday Market where we sold products for the first time!

  • November 2018 - Had our first Full Collective photoshoot

  • November 2018 was our Launch of our Full Collective online shop

  • November 2018 Announcement of our first PurposeFULL Day Retreat. Which sold out in 1 week and took place in December 2018.

  • December 2018 - Had our Full Collective shop at a second Holiday Market.

  • Donated 5% of profits to Restore NYC. Volunteered time at Restore. Made human trafficking more known in the world.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Lots of lives changed. Lots of laughter had. Lots of tears cried. Lots of praise breaks. Lots of prayers. Lots of movement. Lots of growth. Lots of reflection. Lots of equipping. Lots of encouraging. Lots of community building. Lots of Kingdom building. Lots of world-changing, Lots of FULLness that can’t be measured by numbers, dates, pictures, or words. Priceless moments that changed us forever.

Full Collective began in April of this year and because of all of you it has FULLy flourished and grown in such a short time. We can't wait to see what God does with and through Full Collective in 2019. We can't wait for you to be a part of it! 

We are so grateFULL!
Grateful for your heart.
Grateful for your support.
Grateful for your prayers.
Grateful for your presence.
Grateful for your vulnerability.
Grateful for your love.
Grateful for your JOY!
Grateful for your FULLness!

In Love + Light,

Pricelis Perreaux-Dominguez

The joyfully grateful Founder of Full Collective