A Purpose-Filled Road

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

- Robert Frost

Many of us walk around this earth knowing we have a purpose. It's pretty beautiful if you think about it. We aren't here just to exist but to actually BE something amazing and phenomenal. I've always known this for myself and for everyone else on earth - yet, I often found myself not really knowing what it meant or how it looked like to actually live it out. What I've come to learn is that our purpose can be tied to many different things and no one has just 1 purpose.

I grew up in a family that often asked me about my passions and what I wanted to do when I grew up. I always loudly and proudly said, ‘A TEACHER!’ As a I continued to grow up I realized that being a teacher didn't look just one way. I started college at 17 years old ready to major in English and Education. I was headed in the traditional direction. Although that works for many, it didn't work me. I learned early on that it didn't work for me because I tried it. I knew based on my personality, skill set, experiences, knowledge, and passions, I wanted to be able to be a teacher and many other things that I'm passionate about all at once. So I did exactly that. As time passed by, I found myself becoming a teacher in different ways, I was being called a "facilitator" or "educator" or “instructor” in non-traditional educational settings with non-traditional subjects to teach and I LOVE(D) IT!

Fast-forward to completing my 2nd Masters two years ago - I went to Nyack College for a Masters in Social Work. This was because I not only saw myself as a teacher but also as an advocate/activist - and I believe social workers are exactly that, just like Jesus! (aka the first social worker). Still exploring and figuring out what exactly I wanted to do with my life, I began to work at an organization called Restore NYC (the organization we donate 5% of our profits to as a small-business). I was actually supposed to be a social work intern there but God gave me an opportunity to work there instead. At Restore NYC, I served Human Trafficking survivors and although it was the hardest I ever had, it’s also been the most beautiful. While I was there, I grew to fully understand the passion I had for women, freedom, and justice

When I think about women, freedom, and justice. I think of the book of Exodus. I think of how the Pharaoh had no idea what he was doing when he was only allowing the female babies to live - because he had no fear of their power or future (boy was he wrong….). I think about how God heard the cries of His people and how He wanted to bring them out of bondage and into freedom. I think about the justice worker he made Moses and how that inspired others to stand up for justice as well. Yet, with all of that - my biggest takeaway is when Moses is at the burning bush and God tells him in Exodus 3:10 to “Therefore, go”. He then again tells him in Exodus 4:12 “Now, go”. We all know this story and why God had to repeat Himself cause Moses was coming up with every excuse possible to not go, “I don’t know how to talk”, “but I escaped from that place”, “but what if they don’t believe me?”. All valid excuses, but that’s exactly what they were - excuses. God is good and gentle and so He will hear our doubts, fears, excuses, and human brain venting sessions. But He will continue to repeat to you what He’s trying to get across to your heart. He will do it through words, people, actions, and signs. He had been showing Moses that he had a purpose much greater than he thought from the moment he came to this earth. From the moment Moses was born he was headed on the road less traveled and it HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

So when people ask me, girl how do you all you do or why do you do all you do?

I simply say, “God keeps saying to go, so I go”

I have been on the road less traveled for a long time and it has made the difference in how I see things, people, myself, and God. It has been the road where God has placed so many opportunities in my path. Yes, it has been the more difficult road. Yes, it has been the more bumpy road. Yes, it even has been the less clearer road. But it’s been the one God has called me to walk on and although I walked into walls and in the wrong directions sometimes, God has always brought me back because well, that’s what He does. For a long time, I was on the road less traveled but I was walking really slow and one day I just decided to go afraid and starting walking a little fast. And this crazy, bumpy, beautiful road led me to begin Full Collective around 1 year ago.

I have worked in politics, social service agencies, churches, schools, after-school programs, and international programs in Asia. All of it has culminated to me becoming who I am today. An entrepreneur who is the Founder/CEO of Full Collective, an educator, social worker, PhD student, yoga teacher, ministry leader, and so much more. I get to be all these things because I have chosen less traveled roads. I have chosen non-traditional roads. I have chosen scary roads. I have chosen rocky roads. I have chosen unknown roads. I have chosen roads that led to mistakes that lead me here. More recently, I have chosen the road that has not been a lonely one - I have chosen to make space for God to send me Aaron’s and Zipporah’s and Jethro’s and Miriam’s (aka Moses’ squad). I have opened myself up to receive support and bring people along this road-less-traveled journey. And ALL OF IT has purposefully been curated by God and all I had to do was listen and go.

So as we celebrate almost a year of existing (next month in April), we invite you to “LISTEN and GO!” Go towards the road less traveled.

Walk through the sun-flower-filled-fields with perhaps no idea of what you’ll see at the end of that road, but sis, just GO!

God will meet you in every step you take on that road just as He guided Moses to getting all of his people out of Egypt - He will equip you with all you need for your purpose.

Pick up your staff and allow God to show you ALL HIS WONDERS!