What do you value?

The definition of value is known as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. It’s also known as a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life.

Most organizations and businesses have core values and that’s important because it’s the foundation for what they stand for. Shouldn’t we as people also have values? And if we already feel we do have them, what are they? Would we know them by heart if someone were to just ask us right now? Would we be able to explain why they are our values and where they came from?

Here are Full Collective, we have values that matter to us because we believe the work we do matters and those we serve through it matters.

Therefore, there was intention when our values were created.

There was prayer when our values were created.

There was purpose when our values were created.

This month, on our social media platforms, we are sharing about our values because we find them to be the most important part of why we do all we do and the driving force to keep us going on hard days. Isn’t that what values is all about after all? Keeping us going on the days that are hard and that seem hopeless?

When we created our values, we had a lot of things in mind but the number one thing in mind was the word ‘PROMISE’. All of our values are promises from God. They are gifts we get from Him. They are things that He says we either get to enjoy or He lives out on our behalf. Therefore, we value them and that is why they are our values:


We value growth and we value being able to equip ourselves and others to live a large life. We believe that abundance is something that everyone can have in whatever part of their life they want. We believe in supporting others towards living that abundance life, which is a blessing from God.


We believe that Joy is a gift and a gift is something that should be used, valued, and shown. We use our joy to bring joy to others. We value the joy given to us and make sure that nothing takes it away from us. We show unshakeable joy by choosing to live in it and shining that joy brightly for all to see and experience. 


We value and honor all bodies. We are fighters in the battle of justice. This looks like actions and words. We recognize that there are people who are treated differently or have access to less because of what they look like or where they comes from. We believe in fighting against that and providing resources and support for people.


We believe that every single soul on this planet matters. We believe that everyone gets to live the life they deserve and desire. We support this by equipping women to become leaders in their homes, jobs, communities, and all parts of their lives so they can show others and themselves how much everything they say, think, do, and are - matters. 


We believe in love. We believe that love sets people free. It breaks chains, it opens doors, it heals, it restores, it redeems, it's accountable, it's a breath of fresh air, it creates new possibilities, it provides peace, it blooms joy, it's everything we need. We believe that loving others through words and actions is what will change the world into what God intended it to be in the beginning. 

What are your values in life?

Where did they come from? How do you live them out?

What makes them make your life FULL?