His Ability + Our Requests = Abundance

Abundance means - a very large amount of something.

In scripture, Abundance is mentioned often but we are going to focus on a specific verse: ‘Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us’ - Ephesians 3:20

This verse is a big deal. It’s full of a major promise. It’s full of God showing us who he is. It’s full of truth. It’s full of God showing us what he can do. It’s full of encouragement. It’s full of facts!

We are going to explore it section by section:

Him who is able: GOD IS ABLE! Hallelujah! He is able to do anything and everything. He is the God of possibilities. He’s the ultimate move maker! He’s able but in in his ability, he’s also willing. He’s willing to do anything and everything for you because he loves you and he is graceful and merciful. You want to be healed? He is able! You want to be financially free? He is able! You want to be married? He is able! You want to go to college for free? He is able! You want to have kids? He is able! You want to start a business? He is able! You want to travel the world? He is able! You want be free from your past? He is able! You want to release weight? He is able! You want peace in your family? He is able!


To do more abundantly: God is able to do anything but he’s especially in the business of simply doing more abundantly for us - ALL THE TIME! He is seeking to abundantly bless us. He doesn’t just want to give to us and provide for us and heal us and cover us and protect us and love us - but he wants to give more and more of all of that every single day. It’s our job to open up ourselves to receive it. For that to happen, we must ‘decrease so he can increase’ - John 3:30


Than all that we ask or think: The thing is, as humans, as everyday people - we don’t always ask God for the things he’s capable and able to do. Don’t get me wrong, the small things matter. Small prayers definitely matter and he will fulfill them if they are aligned with his will. But there are things that we limit God in. We don’t ask for certain things and we don’t even think about certain things when it comes to him. What would it look like if we treated God like he was God? What would happen if we would ask for radically major life changing prayers and requests? Take a second and think of your biggest dream or the biggest ask you could ever ask God....now, just think - HE HAS EVEN MORE THAN THAT FOR YOU! (praise dance moment…)


According to the power at work with us: Praise God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and how he lives within us. The only reason we have power within us is because God knew we would need the Holy Spirit and so he gifted him to us when Jesus resurrected and went to be at the right hand of the Father. And the most beautiful thing about that is that it’s a power that’s ever growing as we grow. The Holy Spirits residency in us is an ongoing growth and power. He will never leave us because we will always need him to be at work within us. That work within us leads us to living an abundant life. It leads us to decrease ourselves and increase God. It leads us to using less of our human power and more of the Holy Spirits fiery power! It leads us to live life seeking more abundance. Earlier we defined abundance as a very large amount of something. Well, we encourage you to seek more abundance when it comes to Jesus, your calling, you purpose, your dreams, your role on earth, your many roles to people - mother, sister, friend, wise, daughter. It won’t just happen. Abundance has everything to do with being intentional with our seeking journey.

So sister, friend, lady, live your life! Live it to the FULLest - opening yourself up to receive the abundance God has for you in all areas of your life. God is ready to give you more so don’t be afraid to seek more.


***Because we love ya’ll so much (and we do this every month), we have created a free resource for all of you to have access to living a life of intentional abundance. Here you will find all our free resources, including this month’s one around abundance. The resource is simple. Write down the things and areas you need to intentionally increase and then write down the areas that God is able to increase in your life.***