Purposeful Wandering: Lost + Found

"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien from the All That is God Does Not Glitter poem

This is a quote that many have heard and have different opinions about. We see it fairly differently than most. In the world of Christianity people are known to be lost until they are found, which is usually the moment they give their life to Jesus - going from death to life - from old to new. Even if you're not Christian, you have probably heard the song "Amazing Grace" which talks about this.

In the context of being found after being lost and the quote by J.R.R. Tolkien - we believe there's a deep connection there. He could be saying so many different things but what we believe he's saying is that - as humans we are all wandering this earth - walking around, making plans, searching for our purpose, and living our life. Yet, not all of us that are wandering on this earth are lost. Some have chosen the path of being found. Some have chosen the path of walking with Jesus. That's what we believe Tolkien was talking about in the quote. This doesn't mean we have stopped wandering - we believe it just means we are no longer wandering aimlessly - which results with it being very hard for us to get lost. When we are guided by God in our wandering - our walk, our process, and our destination ends up being a different result than those who are still wandering alone. What's beautiful about Jesus is that He's inviting all of us to wander within our foundness. Wander with a clear light ahead of us. Wander freely. Wander unshakably. Wander fully loved.

Now with that being said, we at Full Collective believe that wandering this beautiful earth is something that everyone should do. There are 195 countries on this planet and there's no reason people shouldn't get to see most of them. These are 195 places with new experiences, amazing possibilities, beautiful people, divine scenery, epic food, and memorable landscapes. All of it was made for us to wander around it. In Genesis 1:1, the very beginning of the Bible, it says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". Now, some of us will get to experience that first thing God created - heaven - which will be glorious and perfect. BUT, that's not all God created, especially on that first day. He also created earth. He created all the plants, oceans, mountains, and waterfalls. He created it and said - as humans we would have rule over it. Now, we haven't been doing the best job at really ruling over all these things but I think a way to mend that is by experiencing these things and places. When we honorably and openly experience another country, a new-found love and respect easily develops within us that then helps us support in what God intended for us to do with this earth of His. 

We believe traveling in this way is just another way of saying purposeful wandering. When we purposefully wander this earth, there is no way to continue to feel lost or purposeless. God, in all His wonder creates opportunities for us to experience his divinity and majesty in all we see and experience while on this earth but we limit that viewing when we stay in our comfort zone, on our block, and in our city. Purposeful wandering creates room in our spirits to see the initial intention God had for the world and what we can do to partner with Him in either redeeming or continuing that intention. 

This is a part of why Full Collective exists. We purposefully and prayerfully plan and create affordable opportunities for women to witness the wonder of this world through gatherings, retreats, and resources. Our 2 upcoming retreats in Pennsylvania and the Dominican Republic aim to do and experience exactly that. We also love to equip people to do it on their own - this why we created a free resource on our top 10 travel tips and 5 travel tools we use that can hopefully encourage you to start an adventurous journey around the world either by yourself or with friends and family.

So, daughter - daughter of the divine, you have been called to purposefully wander this world leaving your imprint and the imprint of Jesus everywhere you go. So go, go over to your neighboring state, to the opposite coast that you live in, to another continent - go to a place where new discoveries within you can be found just as you have been found.