Our Founder


Hi, I’m Pricelis :)

I am a woman who has been called to equip other women in their purpose and I do that by creating opportunities to be resourced and rested in order to truly live in the abundance that is available to all of us. 

I grew up all over NYC and in the Dominican Republic - and I currently live in the Bronx with my husband, Emanuel. I am an eternity activist, entrepreneur, educator, social worker, facilitator, advocate, change agent and yoga instructor. What are my passions? Well, I’ve got so many but a few are - traveling (29 countries, so far), abundance, social justice, feminism, cooking, yoga, education, and healthy identity development. I went to CUNY City College for undergrad where I studied Education, then got a Masters from Bankstreet College in Education Leadership and then a Masters in Social Work from Nyack College.

I founded FULL Collective because of a "yes" response to a dream God deposited in my heart. That yes started with me starting a women's bible study group called FULL. This was in March 2018. Since then, FULL Collective has launched and now we host gatherings and retreats, as well as creating free resources and purposeful products for women to live FULLy. My initial purpose was to create space for women to find and experience authentic rest while not breaking the bank and meeting women from all walks of life while they grow into their purpose.

This is how FULL Collective was born and this is just the beginning!

Thanks for being here!