Sun + Selah Yoga Classes

Inwood Movement

5030 Broadway, Suite 613 NY, NY

None in September - Resuming in October

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We Stay Poppin’ Pop-Up

Buunni Cofee - 4961 Broadway NY, NY

Sunday, October 20th from 1-5pm

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       FULL Gatherings




Our gatherings are a time to gather with women and discover new ways of worshipping Jesus and growing into our fullness. Some of our monthly gatherings include: 'Pray + Pose' Brunch, Sun + Selah Yoga Series, and much more. Go here to learn more about our monthly Sun + Selah Yoga classes.

bible study

This is a gathering that takes place bi-weekly in a variety of places throughout NYC where we engage in bible study, discussion, prayer, and spiritual discipline development. We are wrapping up our summer bible study and will have another one this upcoming winter.


Testimonies From Gatherings

"Thank you for stepping into your power and joining GOD at work. Thank you for creating a safe space for women to grow and be in the presence of our heavenly father." -Bianca, Entrepreneur + Founder of Miss Be Life Coaching

"The past three gatherings have all helped me make some much needed change and realizations in my life. Each time we’ve gathered each person in attendance has brought something unique and special to the event and it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of. Pricelis is such a light in this world and her faith and trust in God shine through in each event she puts on. That in itself makes each gathering beautiFULL. Add in the sisterhood of women and the vulnerability that is shared during our time together and it becomes truly life changing. Thank you for all that you do!" -Mackenzie, Dancer

"I just really love this. I felt so at ease, energized, and thankful after the brunch. I love seeing women come together and find community. It was really beautiful and encouraging." - Anonymous

"It was a great experience. There was a peace and calming presence of God. The yoga wasn't too hard or complicated and it allowed you to focus on mediating on God instead of worrying about pain or getting the pose correct. And the food and mimosas were LIT" - Kayla, Social Worker

"I love seeing the diversity with all the women and learning about where they go to church, what they do for a living, how they came to sign up. Special moments and events like these are hard to come by." - Anonymous