Our Retreats

  • PurposeFULL Retreats - These are Day Retreats and International retreats for women who are focused on growing in their purpose through intentional workshops and prayerful reflection and planning. For woman who are ready to live out their dream life and is looking for resources and community for that process.

  • WanderFULL Retreats - These are International Retreats where we experience joy, growth, rest, culture, sisterhood, and lots of Jesus. These retreats are all about adventure and learning about other cultures/people and ourselves.

  • BlissFULL Retreats - These are Local (national) Retreats in the USA for women looking for a short trip to experience rest and great joy. These are often centered around an event or conference happening somewhere around the country.

  • SoulFULL Yoga Retreats - These are International Retreats for women that are looking to to spend time practicing yoga, rest, and prayer. These retreats are focused on soul care and renewing ours minds around having a healthy soul.


  • August 2019 BlissFULL Retreat - Florida + Bahamas - SOLD OUT!

  • October 2019 WanderFULL Retreat - Bali, Indonesia - SOLD OUT!

  • December 2019 - BlissFULL Retreat - Registration opens in September!

  • January 2020 PurposeFULL Retreat - Cartagena, Colombia - SOLD OUT!

  • February 2020 SoulFULL Yoga Retreat - Tulum, Mexico - SOLD OUT!

  • April 2020 - SoulFULL Yoga Retreat - Registration Opens in October!


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August 2019 - Florida and Bahamas BlissFULL Retreat


October 2019 - Bali, Indonesia WanderFULL Retreat

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 1.31.50 PM.png


January 2020 - PurposeFULL Retreat in Cartagena


February 2020 - SoulFULL Yoga Retreat in Mexico

Retreat Testimonies


“The 1st ever international retreat was so needed! Everything was so well thought out and organized. The group of girls that went were sociable, loving, and good vibes all around. The bonds created during this 5 day retreat was God ordained. I am truly grateful to have been able to fellowship, dance, drink wine and break bread with my FULL sisters. Pri did a great job to embrace the Dominican culture in everything we did. The food, excursions, pool, villa, coffee, quiet time, community time, presidente, all of it was needed! Thank you God!” - Kayla U. (January 2019 Dominican Republic WanderFULL Retreat Attendee and September 2018 Reading, PA BlissFULL Retreat Attendee)


“This retreat was one of the best trips i've ever made. I enjoyed the entire experience from the food, excursions, the bonds created, the fun times spent with each other and with the people from Samana, D.R. The villa we stayed in was incredible and i felt so blessed to be in such a beautiful country with such wonderful women for those 5 days. I not only gained a sisterhood but i now have a deeper understanding of what the Lord wants for me. I'm grateful for Pricelis for organizing these trips in such a loving and intentional way. I can't wait to attend another retreat.” - Jessy M. (January 2019 Dominican Republic WanderFULL Retreat Attendee)


“The much anticipated FULL retreat exceeded all of my expectations. It was such an excellent opportunity to relish in sisterhood & enjoy a new experience through the Propel Conference. It was relaxing, purposeful & all around a wonderful weekend.” - Melissa C. (September 2018 Reading, PA BlissFULL Retreat Attendee)

jackie j.jpg

“WOW. I am in awe of God's goodness from the FULL retreat. I did not only feel FULL at the retreat but definitely have been feeling FULL after it. Pricelis really does everything from her heart and I definitely felt God's presence on the entire trip. I recommend this to every women who is looking for a community and just to make amazing and beautiful memories. Thank you We Are FULL for all that you have done for me and this ministry!” - Jackie J. (September 2018 Reading, PA FULL BlissRetreat Attendee)


“Beautiful weekend getaway that encapsulated all of the good things in life: delicious home-cooked meals, new sisters in Christ, and spiritual growth. Pricelis was so thoughtful in how she took care of us from cooking us delicious food (yes, I did mention the food twice, it was THAT good), to having a cold glass of rosé waiting for us (because who doesn't love being welcomed with wine?!), to bringing along fun inflatables for the pool (yes, there was an OUTDOOR POOL!), and last but not least creating welcome bags (because presentsssss), there was nothing that was left unthought of. Would 100% recommend FULL to any girl that loves Jesus and good people, and would 110% recommend Pricelis as a friend.” - Libby L. (May 2019 Morocco WanderFULL Attendee, January 2019 Dominican Republic WanderFULL Retreat Attendee, and September 2018 Reading, PA BlissFULL Retreat Attendee)

jackie r.jpg

“The FULL Retreat in Reading, PA was a memorable experience! There were so many moments of fellowship with the other women whom I was mostly all meeting for the first time. Pricelis planned for this retreat so well! From the moment we arrived to the moment we left it was a sprit-filled time. There was also a good amount of time to relax and get to know each other which doesn’t often happen at other retreats. I would recommend attending a Full Retreat!” - Jackie R. (September 2018 Reading, PA BlissFULL Retreat Attendee)

9C5BC930-D88D-4A02-B6D9-24A7EA3953BF - Adalgisa SD.jpeg

I know There is nothing impossible for God, my fight is believing that God will want to do for Me. When this retreat to Morocco came about, God used my husband and my cousin in law. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it. Till the very end things kept happening that led me to think I wasn’t going to make it. But I did!!!! Oh and I’m extremely blessed and incredibly grateful that I was part of this WanderFULL retreat. Morocco was absolutely everything I’d imagined. The palace, food, women, worship, the workshops, the camels, the culture BUT most importantly the presence of God was truly with Us all. I’m overwhelmed and filled with wonder. I will never forget the times spent in Marrakech; the amazing and successful, God loving, strong, beautiful Women I met. There were a LOT of firsts for me and I’m in awe of the person I had forgotten within Me—Me! God used this experience and the people and most amazingly the beautiful, sunny, blue and overcrowded - starry African night sky to scream to my heart- How Great my God is and how loved I am! As I start a new stage in my life, I confidently look towards all the love, all the strength and all the places God will take me to! Thank you Pri for allowing the lord to use you and to guide you! This was amazing! I most definitely & wholeheartedly support this ministry and pray for God’s most amazing blessings for you and all involved! Much love, Adalgisa (Morocco May 2019 WanderFULL Retreat Attendee)

194812D2-8967-4454-9A01-16E21AD4D115 - Staci Sherri.jpeg

So much Love + Light on this WanderFULL retreat. I left renewed. I look forward to more retreats! - Staci Sherii (Morocco May 2019 WanderFULL Retreat Attendee)


Previous Retreats

  • September 2018: Reading, Pennsylvania - BlissFULL Weekend Retreat

  • January 2019: Samana, Dominican Republic - WanderFULL Retreat

  • May 2019: Marrakech, Morocco - WanderFULL Retreat